Founded in 2015 by Darius James, the Anguilla Music Academy provides an opportunity to students of all ages and backgrounds in Anguilla and the entire Caribbean region to learn the art of music performance, production, and engineering. The Academy is home to 12 state-of-the-art Digital Audio Workstations, world-class sound studios, and custom-designed coursework and classes taught by an international award-winning staff.

History Of The Academy

Years before the opening of our 11,000 square foot facility, The Anguilla Music Academy was the first pillar of The AMA Center’s edifice. And it makes perfect sense, as education and music creation is core to the mission of The Center, as well as to its Founder, Darius James. Since 2015, The Academy has been offering classes, programming, scholarships and The Grammy’s Music Revolution Project to hundreds of students from Anguilla, St Martin and the US. Now housed within The AMA Center, the Academy will continue to inspire youth through music, manifesting excellence in Anguilla and the world.


Music Revolution Project

In partnership with the Grammy Museum Foundation, the Anguilla Music Academy has since 2016 hosted the renowned Music Revolution Project for the students of Anguilla and the region. The two week intensive summer program provides training from world-class instructors in the areas of songwriting, music production/engineering and performance.


With classes and curricula designed by world-class, Grammy Award-winning producers and engineers, the Anguilla Music Academy offers coursework and instruction for all levels and in all areas of the music production, engineering and recording arts.

Interactive Activities & Learning
Be a part of the music. The Anguilla Music Academy offers experiential learning opportunities and programming for visitors of all ages and skill levels in areas of songwriting, music production, and engineering. Contact us for a schedule of activities and experiences.
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